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Greg J Hayden


My name is Greg Hayden and my 30+ years in the printing industry have allowed me to see many changes in technology. From small mom & pop shops, to the large commercial printer with complex infrastructure & security needs, I've worked on them all. The past 8 years of my career I have been the product specialist for the iCtP PlateWriter with Glunz & Jensen. In North, Central, and South America I was responsible for dealer technician training, and to keep all the PlateWriter's fully operational, regardless of their maintenance needs.

As a private contractor, I am now focused on selling, servicing, installing, PlateWriter's as well as other equipment, and can satisfy your film and plate needs and any other supply needed. To see what I can do for you send me a message on the contact page or give me a call.

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I have the ability to make your PlateWriter perform at it's peak performance, with the ability to give you that confidence you are looking for.

I offer support in two ways, either in person or remote. Let's see what your needs are first by answering a few questions on my contact page.

I also spend much of my time doing handyman work since PlateWriter doesn't keep me as busy these days. More over on the handyman page.

Thank you!!!